Life coaching is like having a personal trainer for every area of your life.  You CAN succeed a balance in mind, body, health, and spirit.  Life coaching enables clients to achieve beneficial and measurable results in all areas of their lives by enabling them to remove obstacles and giving them a strong structure through support, encouragement, and accountability.  It is an outstanding way to accelerate growth and accomplish more both at home at work.  It produces far reaching changes because it prioritizes who are becoming over what you are doing.  What ever area you would like to improve in your life, I can help!

​If you know where you want to go in life, it should be easy to just go ahead and do what you need to do right?  It is wonderful to have goals but, at times, we can find ourselves stuck and not sure which way to turn to reach the destination.  We can even be so stuck it feels as if we are sinking in quick sand getting further from our goals rather than closer toward them.  I have an unwavering belief that we all have the answers that we need to reach unlimited potential.  We may just need help finding those hidden answers among the clutter in our life.  As your coach I will help guide you along the way to lasting results by keeping you on track enabling you to define and achieve your outcomes with ease once we the best direction to take.  As we forge on the path to your goal together, you will feel an amazing sense of empowerment!  

Unlike sports or business consultants, life coaching uses a holistic approach taking into consideration every aspect of your life.  This includes business, career, health, social relationships, wealth, spirituality, and worth in contribution.  By focusing on all areas instead of a percentage of your being, you can achieve balance.  When we are off kilter in one area of life, it throws the others out of balance. Thus, we will focus on one goal at a time that you the client sets while not allowing the other areas to suffer in the process.  Making changes are never easy but, having a change expert by your side while you pursue the goal while working through those changes can keep you focused and reduce the amount of energy you have to expend. 

Just a phone call away, I can become your coach and confidant.  Our coaching sessions will be done over the phone and at a time that we have scheduled for your convenience.  Sessions are typically scheduled once per month but, it will be up to you and your goals.  With the coaching plan you will have access to additional e-mail opportunities so I truly will be your partner in the process.   

Christian life coaching is unique in that God is in the center of the balance that we seek to maintain during growth and development toward positive life changes.  We work together to set up relationships that provide the same kind of support a leader needs to radically pursue his or her God-given destiny.  A christian coach sees you as made in the image of God.  As your coach I will listen intently to you because it is the way Christ treats others.  You will have the opportunity to open and close together in prayer and I will pass on scripture to you that I feel pertains to you in that session.  I will guide you toward where God is already leading you knowing that if you are on HIS path you are on the right path!     

​Life Coaching... What is it?

​Then what is Christian Life coaching?