• Nominated Man/Woman of the year for 2016 for Leukemia Lymphoma Society at the 2015 Gala
  • Became Senior Director for IDLife and expanded my team.  There is still room for YOU!
  • ​Blog post on Nutrition
  • ​Blog post on relaxation
  • Opened Balanced 4 Life Fitness Store Front at Zenna Wellness Studio
  •                  ​

  • Launched Healthy Kids in the Park program and Yoga in the Park                              

  • Wed a couple as an ordained minister the evening after I won the elite Second Chance SUP race benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project

June 2015

April 2015

  • Attendance at IRSHA Trade show working for SoOlis in LA

  • ​​1st race of season Gasparilla SUP Elitewith a 2nd place finish                                       

  • Wrightsville Beach Biathlon 1st Female finish...starting 1 min. after the race had started. 

March 2015

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​Summer 2014

​August 2014

  • ​​Marylandsup.com winter training series contributor.  

  • Gofundme sponsorship campaign for the 2105 Team USA World Championship click on the icon to make a donation!

​January 2015

  • ​Attendance at Club Industry working with Soolis.com

​October 2014

​December 2014

  • Umoja receives a donation website thanks to a lot of help:                        http://gtwd.at/1x4MQRB
  • Received qualification for the 2015 Team USA Cross-Triathlon World Championships in Italy (5th consecutive yr)
  • Signed on with sponsorship for Compete Energy Bites - more info on this yummy product soon!
  • Last but not least, the launch of Balanced 4 Life website!
  • Secured the points leader for the Women's MASRA Series
  • ​Re-created the Umoja African Child facebook page to raise awareness for needs.  The initiative started by John Thou of kenya

September 2014

  •  Interviewed for the article "The week before the race" with Marylandsup.com link provided
  • ​Became brand ambassador for Goalendurance.com.  And sampled quite a few of their natural honey gels pre-race!
  • Ranked as Regional Director for IDLife
  • Published in The Daily Times Surf Training article
  • As a featured Author, two of my articles were published in The Sports Nutrition and Supplement Guide May issue
  • Published in The ShoreWoman Magazine
  • Beyond the Paddle Elite SUP race 1st female and Balanced 4 Life Fitness established first fitness apparel sales

  • ​One Year anniversary of b4lfit.com!
  • Launched Online Personal Training ​  and Nutrition
  • Florida State Paddle Board Championship.  Exhausted, my body failed me and I finished 5th but, with great sentimental Cocoa Beach Easter

  • Became Independent Associate for IDLife.  You can find  in blog Nutrition and Supplements why I choose this product searching for years for organic quality supplements I could believe in.  You can purchase these incredible products right from this store or visit my other website here

  • Carolina Cup - My first year racing the biggest SUP event in the US with 13 miles of the best paddlers in the World and surviving "the graveyard"
  • Balanced 4 Life Fitness online store now open with my products and only a select few life a family company sourced krill and fish oil from Norway and goal endurance energy gels with natural honey and mountain spring water.  Keep checking back for clothing and apparel!
  • Traveled to Italy to race for Team USA in the 2015 Cross Triathlon World Championships representing my sponsors www.SoOlis.com and www.goal endurance.com.             Read all about it in my blog!  ​  
  • Nobel prize winning formula for skin care now available through IDLife as well as the kids line of nutrition ​          

September 2015

  • Started the Second Friday of every month taking part in the Berlin Art Stroll for Balanced 4 life Fitness and IDLife​​​
  • ​Contributed to the July issue of The Sports Nutrition and Supplement Guide with "All Protein is not created equal" article. 
  • Ocean Games Elite SUP race benefiting brain trauma victims represented Walk on Water with a second place finish. 

​May 2015

January 2016

  • ​Won the Pocomoke Elite Distance Triathlon on 8/1/15

August 2015

​July 2015