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  • Corrine Banks


Tomorrow. Tomorrow can seem hopeful. A chance to start anew. The dawn of the new day where life is beautiful and the rest of your life can fall accordingly in alignment with all your dreams. Where fresh morning dew whispers all the potential rising above it. Tomorrow is when you will start that big project you put off. Tomorrow is when you start that diet the pizza of tonight ruined in its cheesy wake. Tomorrow life will begin as your vision comes to fruition. You will do better tomorrow. You will be a better version of you tomorrow. Tomorrow you will be perfect.

Tomorrow can also bring the anxiety of the future screaming in your face. It can bring a sadness as your past slips away. As you realize your peak has indeed come and fades further from each progressive day. Tomorrow can mean change and change can be scary and uncomfortable. You want to turn from discomfort not fall into its arms. Tomorrow can be filled with layoffs, injuries, moves, the end of relationships, hurt feelings... a lot of bad things can happen tomorrow. There is always tomorrow. Well, maybe. Until there isn't one anymore but, then you are not here so it doesn't matter.

But we really don't know what tomorrow will bring even if we think we do. We can predict and surmise. Plan and compromise. Set our best intentions and tell our will power we will reign supreme for it is no match for us. The more we try to control the less we have. So what then shall we do when we release both the hope and dread? There is but one option left.

Stay here. In the present. For it is the best gift we will ever get.

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