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  • Corrine Banks

Attitude of Gratitude

I've been feeling better this week than I have in a long time which, seems odd during a global pandemic. I went through a week of not panic but, sleeplessness, anxiety, fear, and worry. I didn't try to stuff those feelings down rather let myself have a little time with them recognizing them as normal feelings. Then I got back into my routine of morning spiritual time, journaling, meditation, and yoga. I remembered my focus word of the year. Faith. I had one person after another in my life checking in on me, offering to help in all kinds of ways if I needed anything. I was able to virtually see friends and family. I was enjoying letting everyone know that I am praying for them, sending love, and am here to help any way that I can. I am seeing the good in humanity. This pandemic is reiterating that I have so many amazing people in my life. I am seeing my faith fulfilled as all of my needs are met. The financial burden I dreaded was being lifted as the tax refund came. My business is not forced to close yet. The side job that was already remote work fits perfectly into this environment. The government stepped up to ease the stress if those factors change. I am finding that I can still see my friends from a 6-foot distance and that is good enough. I have been thrilled to have my daughter with me to spend time together and help at the house. There is no way to describe the joy or stoke that surfing brings me. As I see beaches around the world and country close and our local beaches follow suit, I have been more grateful than ever that our mayor has allowed us to still exercise on them (and in the ocean). Although yesterday I was extremely disheartened to learn that our beloved Assateague parks closed, I had been preparing myself for this and was grateful for the time I spent there the last 2 weeks. I've always enjoyed a lot of time alone. Essentially, thankfully my life has not changed drastically. What has changed is the amplified level of gratitude and enjoyment of the blessings of so many good people who have been placed in my life. I know that nothing is guaranteed so nothing is taken for granted.

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