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Spreading Immunity Health and Gratitude

My heart is overflowing after delivery donated immunity support vitamin packs to our first responders. I reached out to family and some friends asking if they would sponsor those on the front lines. I know first hand how difficult things can be financially right now but, they came through in a big way and I could not have done this without them! This week is nurses week as well as Mother's Day. It is the 7 year anniversary of the house fire Summer and I fled from in the middle of the night and I will always be grateful for the fire departments' rapid response. On each donated box was attached the name of the persona who sponsored them. I also attached a card that I made as a part of a group in memory of my friend Megan who passed away recently at 30 years old of Type 1 diabetes. 1 box went to my nurse friend who was transferred to the COVID-19 unit and whom Sumer and I stayed a month of our 3-month homeless stint after our fire. One box went to her husband who commutes almost 3 hours to the Washington DC fire department. The other 12 boxes I delivered to the Ocean City Fire Department. All were grateful and I would be happy to expand if given the opportunity. By keeping their immune system healthy, they are more likely to be able to fight off sickness as they risk their lives on the front lines.

I am continuing to do what I can to keep my own health and immune system strong and functioning the best that it can. Eating nutrient-dense foods. Periodic fasting and intermittent fasting. Taking my personalized vitamins. Exercising outdoors as much as possible especially spending time in the woods and ocean to soak up the negative ions that are so good for emotional health. Mr. sun helping to covert that vitamin D. Spending time each day in my spiritual practice, journaling, meditation, and yoga. Hugging my daughter as often as she'll let me. Prioritizing time to do the things that I love every day. And most important being grateful for all these things. Without attending to and making my health a top priority especially with my Lyme Disease, I could not help those who need me. Feel free to reach out if I can help support you towards better health.

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