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  • Corrine Banks

To Soar or Not To Soar. That is the Question.

The path from here to there may not be a straight one.

The swerves and curves may both rock your boat and delight your senses.

There will be a beginning and surely it will end but in the middle of those twists and turns

you may lose your way, reaching out to a friend to find your footing again.

Keeping grounded.

Making your progress in the safe zone within the bounds of a path set out before you.

Or, letting go, soaring high above all the rules, expectations, regulations,

and in full disregard to what others think.

Coloring way outside the lines.

Pushing aside judgements not seeking approval.

Living life for you and you alone.

This. This is the direction I am choosing.

So if you see me soaring, don't try to clip my wings.

The bird must fly.

The spirit must sing.

You are welcome to join me.

There is plenty of room high above the pretenses of the straight and narrow path.

We will bask in the freedom we find.

Enjoying the lightness without the shackles.

The liberation from all the stern faces.

Seeing only in colors of love to one and all.

Leaving behind cares and worries.

Following our call.

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