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  • Corrine Banks

So you had a bad day

You know those weeks where it's freezing cold blah outside and you wake up in the middle of the night to howling wind literally ripping your front storm door halfway off and you can't get it shut so you have body slam the thing shut from outside and run back in the house through the back door. Realizing that frigid air is seeping into your home you duct tape the entire thing. A few days later exiting the back door for pre-dawn clients the door knob falls off into your hand. Neither of these issues gets fixed for a week but, when they finally do you wake to the hot water heater not working all the while the replacement computer which is your sole source for both work and t.v. that you just financed is probably demon possessed so it randomly shuts off eight times a day. And during this time you have a crop up of health issues. Yep this has been my last few weeks. You may not have the same circumstances. We have all had weeks with one thing after another of not major but, not so fun things enter and attempt to sideline your life. The 3rd time the door knob fell off I cried. I had enough. After a few seconds of wallowing and knowing this was not a magic self fixing door knob, I got out my screw driver and temporarily fixed it again. Then I gave myself a little pep talk and wrote in my gratitude journal so that by the time I only had access to icy water I was grateful that I had running water and friends who I know would let us shower at their house. I then announced to my daughter that we were having an 80's kitchen dance party before school and laughed at the week I was having.

Mind set is a powerful thing. It is never impossible to change although sometimes it can seem to be. As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety numerous times throughout life, I know finding your way on the path from negative to positive can require an outside source. It is not always a simple switch you can flick. Even if that journey is arduous and involves help beyond yourself, it is always worth it to come out the other side. So if you are having a bad day, week, or year; write, talk to a friend, seek a counselor or therapist, slow down and rest or do something that brings your joy. When life feels hopeless or overwhelming remember there is a lesson in everything. Remember that out of the darkness the sun always rises.

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