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  • Corrine Banks

Early stage Quarantine Gratitude

I woke up this morning thinking about how for now, my life isn't being affected substantially. I remember when I suddenly and strongly felt the urge to homeschool my daughter after we had been through quite a bit and I felt like it would help the healing. She had been doing very well in school and I loved her school but felt compelled with this decision. We continued for two years until she was ready to go back. Three years ago I felt that strong urge to leave the gym scene stepping out into the unknown of having a personal training studio from my home. Neither were easy transitions and have had their challenges. As of this afternoon, all the gyms in the state have to shut down and the schools closed 2 weeks but, there are those rumors of much longer. When most of the resources my daughter was given to use online did not work, I was so thankful for that homeschool experience and having the ability to re-visit some free online educational sources as well knowing what type of schedule works for us and what I would like to focus on while we are back to a temporary homeschool. I can also say that I have the same personal training clients on my schedule as we are a one on one only space.

With ramped-up cleaning/disinfecting between each of them to keep us all healthy and safe. I have never been more grateful for the work that I have and the path that I have been on that put me here. Everything has been changing so rapidly I know this could all change and I too will be out of work if a full-blown house bound quarantine is issued. But, for now, I am open and grateful for it!

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