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  • Corrine Banks

Lesson from a Thanksgiving sunrise

Thanksgiving morning I awoke at my usual before-God-gets-up-time or as some people call it, the middle of the night, and reflected on how the day was spent of yesteryear. The happy family memories and traditions that made me smile. This day would not be complete without that smile turning to tears missing those family members that have passed away and the distance of those who remain. Like the monster wave that emerges in the vast sea leaving you no choice but to drive under it with the heaviness to wash over you for a moment before popping back out of the other side refreshed. I allow all the feels and embrace them for a minute or two then just as quickly as they hijack the smile they dissipate. On this day I decided the refreshment would be a boardwalk run to watch the magic of a sun rise over the ocean. Driving to the destination I could see that the clouds had different plans. What I did not anticipate was the life analogy the sun and clouds would provide me.

Initially a certain disappointment overtook me as I ventured into the freezing wind. Only a few minutes into the run I could see brilliant pinks mustering the courage to break through those gray clouds. Further into the run the rays of hope poured out through the crevices displaying an understated beauty before the clouds once again covered what was once bright. That persistent sun managed to catch a breath through another small break in the gray displaying the glowing ball that provided the rays of hope. This game of peek-a-boo would last through the entirety of the 5k until finally the clouds gave up with the sun triumphantly beaming its glory for all the world to see.

The clouds of our life may seem impossible to break free from while they shroud our glory and not knowing when the next sliver of break between them will be. It is hard to tell if your light is even still shining while the heavy bleakness presses down on you be it sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, fear, failure, grief, or any number of other gray trials life throws you. But you are still spectacular you and what is weighing you down will always dissolve leaving in its wake all the beautiful things life has to offer. You are always the sunshine even on a cloudy day.

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