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  • Corrine Banks

The Journal of a Mind

There is a journal in mind in it you will find scattered remnants of words from thoughts, conversations, and memories. Pictures to capture the yesterdays and dream about tomorrows. Visions of what will happen if I take the words and pictures and arrange them just so until they come alive in my world where there is nothing to cause worry or pain or fear. Where time can be slow or fast; maybe sometimes stand still. Scents and sounds are always as breathtaking as my surroundings. No reason to stray, it is all right here.

So when the outside world becomes overwhelming and you are left sitting with longing, there will always be this space of refuge. A hopeful cocoon of your own creation. A place where all yesterdays and tomorrows aren’t in existence. The now, the wonderful now is what you make it. Make it sing. Make it shine. It is yours. It is purely divine.

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