• Corrine Banks

Top 10 Recovery Essentials

Our lifestyles vary greatly. You may be an athlete, make exercise a small but regular part of your routine, or work a sedentary high-stress job and lucky are if you squeeze in a few minutes of workouts weekly. Rest and recovery are not luxurious, they are necessary. Today I will walk you through some of the tools I use on a regular basis.

1. Massage Ahhhh my favorite form of recovery! When I was training 15-20 hours a week, my monthly massage most certainly helped avoid injury. To my great fortune, I found an amazingly skilled massage therapist early on in my racing days (Ric Timbol if you are in the ocean city area!). My sister Jeanenne Browning became certified so when I traveled back to PA she could fix me up. Both naturally skilled healers. I know massage can be expensive but, if you have a trade see if you can barter services. Also, ask around for someone who is practicing from their home which reduces overhead and cost.

2. Yoga/Stretch I started practicing yoga from a DVD in my living room at 22 years old. My thoughts were "this is stupid, I should be sweating and burning calories." I am glad a stuck with it and eventually learned the importance of balance. I eventually found forms of yoga that I could sweat and burn those calories if I really wanted to. No matter what form I practice, I am stretching my muscles and mind. Practicing breathing not only helped my lung capacity for other activities, focusing on it helped me learn to stay in the present moment. After all, that is all we really have because the past is gone and the future is just the next present moment. At the very least, add a few stretches at the end of your day.

3. Epsom Salts Soaking in a hot tub with Epsom salt is an age-old recovery trick. They help to detoxify the body, reduce muscle soreness, pain relief, promote sleep, and soften skin.

4. Essential oils Although I use thes