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A Glass Half Full

At first glance this is a photo of a pleasant paddle board day on the water. Not too long after the photo I unknowingly paddled for a few miles into a swarm of about 20 jet skis zipping back and forth along with the wind picking up and a few speedboats thrown in for good measure. Thus making my strokes more of a determined balancing act with a forward-ish bumpy crawl. The water bottle that snugly sat under the elastic chords at some point lost its fight for life getting thrown overboard. At which point this happened I can't exactly say as I was focused on staying upright. In a sadistic way I enjoyed this sudden change of events turning a chill excursion into an adventure with the slight resemblance of riding a bucking bronco in a washing machine. As I made my way back to the shore I started from, I thought about the positives.

1. I had more water waiting for me in the car and that water bottle was old anyway.

2. I was getting a great workout and could feel every muscle working to propel me forward.

3. The wind adding to the chop was helping to cool me down as was the fact that I started an hour earlier than planned.

I started an hour earlier because no one showed for the yoga class I was scheduled to teach. There were two ways for me to view yet another unproductive yoga class. I wasted almost an hour of my time traveling for nothing. OR, I was prepared for this and got to take a break from the loads of computer work awaiting me with the

second job I took on doing social media marketing. I can welcome this "paddle break" in the midst of a 13 hour split shift day and view it as such. I can view the glass half empty or half full. There is always a choice to change our perception of our circumstances. After all, that is the only thing we can really control as much as we try to control the circumstances themselves. I wrote most of this waiting for a doctor's appointment. Wasted time while waiting or chance to write an overdue blog post? I choose glass half full.

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