• Corrine Banks

How to Overcome the Exercise Motivational Slump

You know you should exercise but you just plain don't feel like it. You can think of a thousand excuses to put the workout off to another time or another day. "I'll start next week" says the wise procrastinator within. How do you conjure up your inner energizer bunny when Syd the sloth has taken residence from your inner most mindset? When I was racing I was training 15-20 hours per week. There were countless days I didn't feel like training. So many mornings I growled at the alarm going off way before sunrise. Some days I was still achy from the previous workouts. These days I struggle even more with motivation after reaching burn out from all that training and racing. Not to mention my energy hijacking Lyme Disease, I don't feel like I have the energy or motivation most of the time now. But, where there is a will there is a way. And where there is lack of will, there are tricks around it. Here are some tips to have you back in action.

1. Hire a personal trainer

Of course I had to put this as number one! But, it's true, many of my clients hire me mainly for accountability. If you know the what and how of working out you can still greatly benefit knowing that an upbeat person has held your money hostage if you don't show up for your scheduled training session. Money is a big motivator for some people. We all work hard for our money and do not want to waste it.

2. Sign up for a race or competition

You do not have to be competitive or good at the race/competition that you are signing up for. Like having the investment in a trainer, paying for the race in advance and having it on your calendar, you are less likely to slack off as you gear up for it. As a bonus there are so many races out there that give most or at least some of their proceeds to charity. Don't have the cash for a race? Find one whose main purpose is fundraising. Aside from asking friends and family for donations, some corporations will match a donation. You enter your race knowing that you benefited yourself as well as others by doing the work to get there. You can google your area and the type of race or make it a destination search to incorporate a healthy vacation. Here are a few resources:

  • Team in Training - You have a team to help motivate and coach you. I chose this for my first triathlon. Wonderful experience all around with the one caveat that if you do not raise the required minimum for the race, you are financially responsible for the full amount which can be very stressful.