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  • Corrine Banks


Reflection. Not dwelling on the past, but observing your immediate past and present state to determine where your future aim should be.

This morning I sat and closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of birds chirping. Felt the vitality of a full breath entering my lungs; something I can not always do without tightness and pain. I opened myself to hear God's voice. Contemplated my life's choices bringing me to a place where being still, slowing down, and resting are the norm rather than a forced rarity. Thought about my positivity through the challenges of last week and what healthy habits I want to add back into my daily life. God centered and balanced. This is my goal. My hope for each of you is for a few moments of reflection and finding what is best for you and exploring the tools to help you get there.

Once you have taking the time for reflection and evaluation, you can move onto goal setting if you find that you are not currently where you really want to be.

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