• Corrine Banks

The What and How of Functional Training

Functional Training isn't a new concept. In fact you could argue our ancestors have done it for thousands of years. If you have been in a strength training split routine (isolating muscle groups to train only 1 or 2 body parts during the workout) you may want to incorporate Functional Training into your weekly routine or throw it in once a month to switch things up. The video below shows a few different functional training movements.

What is Functional Training?

Functional training uses movements with multiple muscles working together often times incorporating core and balance. The movements are adapted in a way that allow one to perform movements of daily life more easily and with out injury. There is a purpose to all forms of exercise and I do not promote one over the other but rather choose to incorporate them all into my life.

Types of Functional Training

  • Compound exercises combine a single exercise focused on one muscle group with other movements focusing on different muscle groups to form a functional movement. In this example I am doing a standard bicep curl while balancing on a bosu (half ball) on one leg while doing a hip opening leg swing with the other leg. Here are the adjustable dumbbells I now use.