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  • Corrine Banks

Find Your Amazing

Have you ever walked past the edges of what you thought you could do? If you take a moment to look back on your life you might discover that you have accomplished things that you once thought next to impossible for yourself. I have been personal training for 15 years and have developed a keen sense of what others are physically capable of very quickly. Without fail, what I see in others, they do not see within themselves. We are all so much more capable then we give ourselves credit for. I can not count how many times over the years and still to this day I have lacked the self confidence to believe that I could achieve something. Yet, I look back and there was the solo road trip with no cell phone or gps from PA to FLA at 19, 60+ work hours while taking college courses, the mothering of an active toddler and working, the insane races that I didn't think were insane at the time, the plunging into homeschooling right after the transition to full time single mom, the big fundraising/volunteering while homeschooling, the housefire and subsequent 3 month homelessness, taking myself from fairly computer illiterate to figuring out how to make my own website; for example. There were little things - "I made it up that huge mountain and down those boulders on a bike...I surfed that big wave...I finally got her to stop crying..." We all have them if you think back. There will be things you couldn't imagine doing again. Maybe you will even be filled with wonder at yourself.

Why then, do we continue the self doubt. Still sell ourselves short instead of forging ahead with tremendous dreams and confidence that we will accomplish them. The next time you find yourself settling into the mundane with tiny dreams floating far away, remember all your greatness. Remember the incredible you and expand those dreams. Bodly take steps to grab ahold of those far off dreams and develop a plan to turn them into your future reality. You do have it within yourself even if you can not seem to take off the blinders blocking your view of that accomplished self. I guarantee there are others in your life who see that person clearly.

For my past accomplishments I give the glory to God "For I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Phil 4:13. Personally, having this faith has ment there were so many moments that I had zero confidence but felt as if I was being carried. It is a warm security. Find your strength in your personal way and go for it. Be amazing. There is nothing stopping you.

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